What is Kilt?

Kilt is a blockchain based protocol for the exchange of identity information. Kilt is an open source project.

What is Self Sovereign Identity?

Self Sovereign Identity means, that the individual controls his personal information in contrast to having this information owned and controlled by corporations.

How do BOTLabs and Kilt relate?

BOTLabs is a blockchain company based in Berlin and owned by Ingo Rübe and the german Publisher Hubert Burda Media. BOTLabs develops the Kilt Protocol and then will hand it over to the Kilt Foudation.

What do I need to do, when I want to use Kilt?

Please get involved! Contact us under info@kiltprotocol.com or fill out one of the contact forms you find on our website. We are looking for integrators, contributors and early attesters. Kilt holds lots of business opportunities. We are happy to get you on board as soon as possible.

Is it really free?

The Kilt Protocol will be licensed under a commonly used license model for open source software. Using the software of the reference implementations and using the principals of the protocol will not be charged. However anyone is free to develop applications on top of the Kilt Protocol and license them in exchange for money, or offer services on top of the Kilt Protocol. It will also be possible to earn Kilt Tokens by offering services like attestations with the Kilt Protocol. Offering such services is a business model for attesters. Neither BOTLabs nor the Kilt Foundation will charge any fees or revenue shares to anyone using the Kilt Protocol.

Then, what’s the BOTLabs business model?

BOTLabs will keep a certain small percentage of all Kilt Tokens. If the value of the Kilt Token increases over time, BOTLabs will sell parts of their share.

Can I already buy Kilt Tokens?

No. The Kilt Token will not be issued before 2019 and not be minted before 2020. Please keep in touch to receive updates.