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18.01.2018 Horizont: ”Burda gründet Blockchain-Start-up”   A commentary on the foundation of BOTLabs by Burda, with head lead Ingo Rübe and the potential of the organization to implement the Blockchain technology in many use cases, replacing in that way all intermediaries.
18.01.2018 WUV: ”Burda gründet Startup rund um Blockchain-Technologie” An article about how Blockchain technology will be the successor of the HTTP and World Wide Web protocols, strongly initiated by the new-founded start-up company BOTLabs with head lead Ingo Rübe.
18.01.2018 Meedia: ”Start des Bot Labs in Berlin: Burda investiert in Blockchain-Technologie” Ingo Rübe explaining how the uprising Blockchain technology will democratize the user experience of the Web.
19.01.2018 Süddeutsche Zeitung: ”The Blockchain gehört unsere Zukunft” An article about the roadmap of Identity throughout  the course of the human evolution, how social media enterprises made a profit out of it and how Blockchain technology will put people back in control of their information, by Ingo Rübe.
22.01.2018   WUV: ”Warum Blockchain das Potenzial hat, Facebook und Google zu ersetzen”  Ingo Rübe giving insights about how the Blockchain technology will enable users to reconquer the Internet in a democratic way, whilst eliminating intermediaries, that benefit economically from manipulating Identities and shifting the value to the Protocol level.
02.05.2018 DLD Conference New York  Ingo Rübe giving a chronological retrospective of the Identity’s evolution and how it will benefit from the Blockchain technology that is rapidly developing.
13.09.2018 DMEXCO: Creating the new species? When machines are taking over control. Ingo Rübe joins an interesting panel conversation about the neutrality of technology and the machines’ role in making decisions for humans.
01.10.2018 DLD Singapore: Panel Conversation Blockchain Hotbeds Berlin/Singapore. Ingo Rübe joining an interesting panel conversation with co-speakers Nick de la Forge (XAIN), Chirdeep Singh Chhabara (Ocean Protocol), Prakash Somosundram (XSQ), Patty Lee (Ocean Protocol), Nele Wollert (Fractal) and moderator Stanley Ching (TechNode).

12.10.18 Die Öffentlichkeit muss gerettet werden/ The public must be saved In this article Vivian Schiller, Social Media Manager of CIVIL, describes how the CIVIL Project is assisting Journalism to overcome its contemporary problems, utilizing the Blockchain technology. Ingo Rübe, as the head lead of BOTLabs into the Blockchain scene, comments on CIVIL’s contribution.
15.10.2018 Punk internet Ingo Rübe is sharing in an interview, with Brunswick Group and the world, what were the driving forces for him and Burda to turn to an open source project like Thunder and the gradually growing need of Blockchain technology, as Internet’s next evolutionary stage.