What are known as CTYPES ensure the contents of the communication can be understood. The aim is to present the contents of a claim to all three players (Claimer, Attester, Verifier) in an understandable and uniform way. The KILT- Protocol offers the construct of the claim type (CTYPE). CTYPEs describe the content and structure of a claim, e.g. the fields that must be present on a driving licence, such as name, driving licence class and issue date. Everyone is authorised to create their own CTYPEs and use CTYPEs that have already been created free of charge. The overriding goal of the KILT blockchain here is the standardisation of CTYPES. If an Attester issues many Credentials of a certain CTYPE which is then used by other Attesters, they increase their chances of winning the ‘block reward’ – a blockchain-owned incentivising mechanism. This practice is intended to initiate standardisation measures that allow market participants to build investment-safe software.