The Berlin-based company BOTLabs, founded by Ingo Rübe and Hubert Burda Media, is developing the blockchain-based KILT Protocol: KILT’s goal is to establish a trust market to confirm claims. Attesters thus have the opportunity to monetise existing trust and verifiers benefit from structures that allow them to trust Attesters. The basis for this trust market is that market participants agree on common standards (CTYPES) to describe properties.Furthermore, the KILT-Protocol allows the description of entities, such as things, persons and organisations, and the certification of these properties by trusted third parties.
Current online registration and login processes result in the collection of user data: a user, known as the Claimer, registers with a provider, the so-called Attester of his choice, with his user name and password. The provider then becomes a Verifier when the Claimer logs in again, taking on the dual role of both Attester and Verifier. The problem here is data domination, which is based on the collection of data and users.
Furthermore, the one-sided storage of data on the part of the Attester and Verifier makes them a target for hacker attacks.
This approach is largely unknown in the real world, where a Claimer can obtain a document from various institutions (university, local government office, vehicle licencing authority), e.g. an identity card; this is what is known as a Credential. This remains with the Claimer rather than with the Attester. The Attester does not receive any information about the purposes for which the Credential is used. If, for example, the Claimer needs to verify that he is of age, he can choose which Credential to present. The Verifier can use the photo on the Credential to check whether the person and the Credential match up. This everyday example demonstrates how the Attester and the Verifier act independently of one another; the Attester is not involved in the verification process, which is very efficient and at the same time protects the privacy of the Claimer.

Verifier, Attester, Claimer - relationship