People, organizations and machines have identities. Kilt can be used by them for authentication, authorization and information sharing. The use cases range from logging into a website to voting on the best restaurant in your town. See a list of possible use cases, we already thought of. Understand the chances and possibilities in writing applications on Kilt. Find out if you want to start a business case based on Kilt.

Possible Usecases

usecase_v2_kilt_gfx-2Kilt Claims, Attestations and Verifications apply to many use-cases. They can refer to persons, organisations and things. Kilt supports Authorisation, Authentication and Information sharing in any possible combination:




Authentication Persons to Machines:

SingleSignOn,Opening Doors, Starting Cars, Payment Sercvices, Public Transport Tickets, Bording Cards, Club Cards,Credit Cards, Email, Social Networks, …

Authentication Machine to Machine:

Internet of Things Devices, Parts in Automobiles, Tracking Complex Production Porcesses, Smart Meters, Garbage Cans, …

Authorisation Person to Person:

Passport, ID-Card, Driver’s License, Structures (State, Adminitration, Companies, Clubs), Tinder, Social Networks, Reputation Networks, CVs and Parts of them, …

Information Sharing Person to Machine to Person:

Registers (Persons, Machines, Assets),